Why Pets?


Having come from a pet-loving family, I have always been extremely passionate about animals. Dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles… even stinky little ferrets. You name them, we’ve had them! In 2014, my husband and I adopted a wonderful dog, Miss Vernie Wiggle Bottom, who naturally became my model and partner in photography crime. While reveling in the beauty of the portraits I was creating of our newest family member I realized that despite the fact that pets have always been such a significant part of my life, oddly I had no photographs of the cherished pets of my past, much less beautiful portraits! In this moment I decided to offer Pet Portraiture to my clients to ensure that we include our “Honorary Family Members” in our most cherished memorabilia.


Why Portraits?


Everybody knows that old dusty album kept in the sacred memory box at the very top of Mama’s closet. Within my family’s sacred memory box we have one portrait of my Grandmother’s childhood and maybe a dozen more include her through the era of my childhood. These few photographs are treasured by my family- After all, they are everything that my family has to pass down generation to generation to continue ‘our story’. While technology has positively impacted our ability to instantly capture and memorialize special moments on our cellphones, the beauty and timelessness of Professional Portraiture cannot be replaced. Through Portraiture, my goal is to pause our favorite moments, freezing them in time to create special memories that will not be forgotten with the newest cellphone release.


Why Events?


While I specialized for many years in Wedding Photography, event documentation has always been a privilege for me. Private events tend to unite family members and friends who do not often have the opportunity to see each other. This sparks the start of a wonderful, memorable time. I enjoy photographing events to memorialize these occasions, meeting, learning about and learning from wonderful people along the way.